The Report by Julie Thomas and Kristi Grigsby

Powerful Testimony And Faith

The Report by Julie Thomas and Kristi Grigsby is a powerful book detailing Julie Thomas’ journey through breast cancer. Her experiences show her unwavering faith in a God who is faithful and present.

We hear a little of Julie Thomas’ backstory before her cancer diagnosis. “The one person who never failed me, Jesus.” Through it all, Julie Thomas kept her focus on Jesus. She believed His promises and knew that He was good even when circumstances were not. As she fully surrendered to God, she experienced opportunities for her faith to grow.

There are many scriptures included in the book. There are scriptures to meditate on as we fix our eyes on Jesus and lift them from our diagnosis. The list is not exhaustive so you may well find that God speaks to you through different scriptures.

When facing cancer, as well as standing on the Word of God, we must do as the medical professionals recommend. As one of my pastors, Allison Evans says, it is miracles and medicine working together.

It is important to have people around us who will support us both practically and prayerfully. Julie Thomas includes a chapter written by each of her three daughters, each giving emotional and practical responses as to how best to support their Mum or anyone facing cancer.

The book contains suggestions as to what helped Julie Thomas such as what foods to eat, what things to pack in your bag for your chemo sessions etc. We see the importance of celebrating the small things,  and being able to laugh and to grieve.

The Report is both powerful and practical with a huge dose of faith in God. This book will help you and your loved ones if you face a cancer diagnosis and are journeying into the unknown.

I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“What Jesus did, He did for us.

What Jesus says, He says for us.”

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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