White Man’s Graveyard by Sarah Angleton

Epic And All Consuming

White Man’s Graveyard by Sarah Angleton is an epic historical tale which has its roots in reality as it is based on an old diary of one of the author’s ancestors. It is a marvellous account of people in 1830’s America trying to make a difference as they realise that all lives matter.

Being set well before the American Civil War, America was divided on the issue of slavery – with freemen in the North and the abomination that is slavery in the South. “Slavery… is… the darkest stain of sin upon the soul of America… I stare into the face of this evil every day.”

An open-hearted young woman believes in education for all, “to offer hope to the sweet coloured children forced, even in their freedom, to grow and live in a world that viewed them as less than human rather than as precious children of God.”

The novel alternates its chapters between a brother and a sister. She focuses on the plight of the African Americans at home, whereas he travels to Liberia to bring his medical services and the Word of God to the indigenous people. Both face much opposition as well as encountering love.

We witness the characters obeying the call of God on their lives. God never promised ‘easy’ but He did promise ‘faithful.’ “God will find you even in the worst of it.”

Homes and hearts are opened up to those in need. “Home is with people you love and who love you.” Family is more than just blood. There are some very touching relationships.

Life was hard in the 1830’s. Medicine was in its infancy and people died of what we could now cure. It was heartbreaking to hear of the losses that some had to endure.

Pets turn dwellings into homes. I loved the inclusion of a stray dog and an orangutan called Jenny.

White Man’s Graveyard was an all consuming read about a very dark time in America’s history. There were some huge hearts and faithful servants of God.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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