Rabbit And Bear Make A Wish by Tara Shannon

Serenely Beautiful And Soothing

Rabbit And Bear Make A Wish by Tara Shannon is the most beautiful and heartfelt book that will cause you to pause and reflect on what is most important in life.

The book has always been a dream of the author’s and arose from grief.

Rabbit questions the world, whilst Bear gives wise answers. Rabbit tackles the questions we have all asked. Bear reassures him that all will be well. “ ‘Who should I be?’ asked Rabbit. ‘Be yourself’ said Bear. ‘Only you know how to do that.’ “

We also see that the hardest thing that Bear has ever done is to say goodbye.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We need to live in the present. “ ‘You’re too worried about what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow’ said Bear.” If we inhabit the past or the future, we will miss today.

The whole book is simply but beautifully illustrated. I would love to ‘live’ in the book. It was seeing illustrations on Face Book that first drew me to the book, and then the words really soothed my soul. Both will draw you in whatever your age.

Rabbit And Bear Make A Wish is simply beautiful. Everyone should own a well-thumbed copy.

I will leave you with my favourite quote (it was hard to pick just one).

“ ‘Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go’, said Bear.

‘Of what?’ asked Rabbit.

‘Fear, doubt, expectations…’ replied Bear.

‘And then what?’ asked Rabbit.

‘Have faith’, said Bear.”


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