Lessons I Have Unlearned by Florence Gildea

Faith, Hope And Love

Lessons I Have Unlearned by Florence Gildea is a powerful book about learning to be the you that God created. It is about focusing on what God says about you and not listening to the world. This book will aid you in your Christian walk.

The style is very personable. It feels like advice from a dear friend rather than reading a book.

The media exerts pressure on us all to look a certain way and to wear certain clothes and then we will be happy. We see thin, beautiful women, not realising that their lumps, bumps and imperfections have been air brushed out. Incidentally my daughters paid for me to have a photo shoot with them for my 50th birthday… the technician producing the photos preceded to air brush the shadows out under my eyes. The result is … a great photo that looks nothing like me, and everything like Linda Nolan! So you really cannot believe what the world shows you.

The author has experienced the pressures of the world, having battled anorexia in her teens. The media tells us the lie that to be skinny equals to be happy. God is more concerned with the state of our heart that our outward appearance. We need to listen to His voice that tells us that we are loved. His Son died that we might have life and have it to the full.

Florence Gildea met God in her pain. God often meets us in a pit and asks us to trust him to lift us up. God will never “paper over our pain” but instead He walks alongside us through all the seasons of life.

Social media piles on the pressure showing us perfect lives. We need to remember that these are snap shots and rarely show the whole truth, just the edited highlights.

Florence Gildea asserts that it is no coincidence that God is called El Roi meaning the God who sees me. Sometimes we feel invisible to the world but we are never invisible to God. He calls us to come to Him just as we are.

Society says “I will be happy when…” We all have a God-shaped hole that only He can fill. True happiness is not about how much stuff we have or our social standing. True happiness is found in knowing God, walking with Him and believing you are who He says you are. Florence Gildea urges us to live in the light of His coming Kingdom.

Lessons I Have Unlearned is an amazingly powerful book, full of godly advice and scripture. It will help you to live in God and to live out His love. It is a perfect book to work through on your own or in your connect group. Whether you are a new Christian or more established in your faith, you will gain much from this book – so grab yourself a copy today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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