In The Father’s Hands by J.E. Solinski

A Light In The Darkness

In The Father’s Hands by J.E. Solinski is a really powerful contemporary Christian novel about trusting in God’s faithfulness, plans and timing. It is the sequel to A Matter Of Control.

The story is set fifteen years after the original book – two of the troubled teens have grown up and are in leadership roles, teacher Martha Richards is starting her final year. In a poor neighbourhood in Detroit there are more teens who need rescuing from their situations.

Within the novel we meet those whose strong faith is tested and those whose faith has been shattered by others. “What kind of God would let life get this messed up, especially by and to people who claimed to be Christians?” They need to return to God and trust Him again.

We also meet those who have been transformed by God. He had “a constant reminder … of who he had been and who, by the grace of God, he was not now.” God meets us in our situations and lifts us up.

Prayer is important. Prayer is simply talking to God. There is no magic formula. We just need to talk naturally to Him. “Whatever battle he was fighting… This one required folding her hands and kneeling.” When God puts a person on our hearts, we need to pray. Their life may depend on our prayers.

God’s timing is not our timing. He is always working behind the scenes even when we do not see Him. “People have been praying, but God isn’t doing anything, and I don’t understand why.”

We all have our dreams. Sometimes life intervenes and shatters them. “So who was she now?” God will give us a new dream in His time.

Within the book we see people raising others up in prayer. There are times when we can no longer pray ourselves. We need others to come alongside us and lift us up.

At the heart of the story is a fourteen year old boy and his eight year old sister. They only have each other to depend on. There are some heart-breaking scenes but we can feel their love for each other. The reader is reminded that there are no orphans in God’s kingdom, we are all adopted into His family and loved by Him.

In The Father’s Hands was such a powerful read. It totally consumed me. J.E. Solinski writes marvellous novels that reveal the Father’s heart and His love. We also witness the hearts of others for His children.

A Matter Of Control was a powerful start but In The Father’s Hands was even more powerful. I recommend you read the books in order so that you are familiar with the characters and neighbourhood. The adults in the second book have their stories in the first book. We witness their character development and know why their heart is where it is.

I received a free copy of the book from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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