Mosaic Life In Pieces by Chris Aslan

The Familiar Springs To Life

Mosaic Life In Pieces by Chris Aslan is a marvellous Christian historical novel that will enthral and consume you.

It is set in the Middle East during the time of Jesus and just beyond. Familiar Bible stories spring to life, giving men and women from the Bible fully rounded characters that are woven into the reader’s heart. Although we realise this is a work of fiction, the characters seem very real. I would recommend reading the Gospels alongside the story, to familiarise yourself with the minor characters.

Chris Aslan has a masterful pen. His descriptions of the scenes really bring them to life. The reader can ‘see’ the hazy heat and ‘feel’ the dust and the relief when a public bath is taken.

There is much relief when we wash the dirt and dust off ourselves but we need clean hearts too. “You can wash me clean but I’m still full of filth.” We must deal with our insides and love others and God as Jesus has loved us. If we love then there is no room for hate.

There are godly lessons to be learnt. We must love our neighbour and our enemies, practicing forgiveness at all times. “Forgiveness is choosing to cancel that debt.” We also live in freedom when we forgive.

We witness the tension between the followers of Jesus and the religious leaders. It is relationship versus rules. As persecution follows, things get very ugly. Families are torn in two. It is Jesus love that transforms not a set of rule keeping.

We see that life was hard. You needed a good harvest or a trade. If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. When disaster strikes animosities are put aside as a community pulls together.

One touch from Jesus and people were healed. There was a shame attached to infertility in Biblical times. We see the joy but also the scepticism of some as the barren become fertile.

In the hard times it is easy to become despondent and question God. We must trust Him at all times. He will never let us down. “Life is pain. But God is still there.” When times look bleak, we can trust that God is still good.

Mosaic Life In Pieces was such a powerful read. I immersed myself in its pages that felt very familiar as Biblical stories sprang to life. It was a brilliant book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


Chris Aslan
‘If you have ever wondered how you might have felt and reacted had you lived in
Palestine and heard tales about a wonderful ‘Teacher’ performing miracles down in
Galilee, you will definitely enjoy this book.’
Farifteh V. Robb, author of In the Shadow of the Shahs

With her best friend Sholum dead and her brother Phanuel paralysed, Tabita struggles
to image how life can go on. Blaming Phanuel and his friends for the accident that
claimed Sholum’s life, Tabita harbours deep resentment toward her brother and even
wishes him dead.
A trip away from her small village and into the Holy City helps change Tabita’s
perspective, particularly when she encounters an incredible healer known as the
Teacher. Not only does he have the potential to restore her brother, but he also
suggests a way for Tabita to heal her bitter heart.
Will Phanuel walk again? Will Tabita ever be able to forgive? Will the Teacher escape the
clutches of the religious teachers who desperately want to silence him?
This powerful reimagining for the Bible story in which a group of friends lowers a
paralysed man through a roof will make readers feel as though they were right there at
the heart of the action.
About the author
Chris Aslan has spent many years living in Central Asia. Chris wrote a part memoir, part
travelogue called, A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven years on the Silk Road, about life in
Uzbekistan and is currently lecturing on textiles, tour-guiding around Central Asia and
studying in Oxford for Anglican ordination.
Praise for Chris Aslan
‘Compelling’ The Sunday Telegraph
‘One hangs on every word’ The Independent
‘Eminently readable’ Times Literary Supplement
‘Highly recommended’ One Man in the Middle

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