Bent Tree Bride by Denise Weimer

Action, Adventure, Romance

Bent Tree Bride by Denise Weimer is a gripping historical Christian romantic adventure. It has its roots in historical fact, around which Denise Weimer has woven a fabulous story.

The novel surrounds the Cherokee and their interactions with the white Americans as well as battles with the Red Sticks. It was refreshing to read a novel with Native Americans as main characters as there are few on the market. Very much seen as second class citizens, the Native Americans have to fight for equality. They were viewed as savages. “Lest they give way to their baser nature and resort to brutalities.”

Likewise a strong female lead seeks equality with men. She fights to prove she is not a weak woman in need of protection.

Mirroring these battles are actual physical battles where those seen as second class or weaker are able to prove their skills are equal to or superior to the white males.

There are fathers and father figures in the novel. Some decisions, made with the best of intensions, are domineering and seen as exerting authority. In contrast God the Father is a God of love. His decisions are always the best for us, if we would just submit to him and wait on His timing. “If the work was of God, it would not end.”

A beautiful love story blossoms throughout the novel. Through Denise Weimer’s skilful writing, the reader can ‘feel’ the love, passion, emotions and tensions bursting through the novel.

Comprehensive descriptions enable the reader to ‘see’ the landscapes. We ‘experience’ battles and ‘walk’ through woods.

Bent Tree Bride is a novel to not just read but to experience. It is an assault on our senses as we travel through the novel experiencing life through the eyes of the main characters. I always love Denise Weimer’s novels but this is her best to date. There is something for everyone – action, adventure, romance, family – just wonderful.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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