Dear Mrs Bird by A.J.Pearce

A Marvellous Debut

Dear Mrs Bird by A.J. Pearce is the most charming historical novel set in London during 1940/1941.

The action surrounds the pages of an agony aunt in an established Women’s magazine. The agony aunt is a mature lady who deems many subjects as ‘unsuitable’ for her pages much to the disappointment of the office junior. The reader witnesses a kind heart in action. We ‘hear’ about the goings on and processes within journalism set against the backdrop of the Blitz.

We ‘hear’ about the awful conditions the emergency services face night after night as they face the horrors of war torn London.

There is a tremendous bulldog spirit. “The Luftwaffe may have been trying to blast us all to pieces, but everyone just kept getting back up.” The people were made of stern stuff, existing on little sleep but still going about their daily jobs. A.J. Pearce has perfectly captured the heart of the people within her novel.

The characters are all well drawn, unique and infinitely likable.

A.J.Pearce’s style of writing is very reminiscent of the style of 1940’s Britain as the reader sees life through the eyes of the main character. We ‘experience’ the horrors from the safety of our arm chair.

Dear Mrs Bird is positively delightful and a wonderful debut novel. I cannot wait for more from A.J. Pearce.


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