Jesus About Exigency Of Loving Yourself by Mike McArthur

Love Because He First Loved Us

Jesus About Exigency Of Loving Yourself by Mike McArthur is a nonfiction book about learning to love yourself.

Once we love and accept ourselves, then we can love others. Once we know that we are God’s and we are loved by Him, everything changes. When we know God, we know love because God is love.

We must learn to love ourselves, to forgive ourselves and to be kind to ourselves. We are our own worst critics.

Social media presents snapshots in time. It appears that everyone else is having a better life, driving faster cars and has bigger homes but social media shows distorted lives. It is just edited highlights and we would be wise to remember this.

We need to stop wasting energy planning for the future when we are missing out on today.

We are all God’s perfect creations. We must start seeing ourselves through His lens.

Mike McArthur writes in a very personable way making his book accessible to all. Each chapter finishes with ‘Action Points’ – these are questions to help us self-evaluate. The whole book is grounded in God. It is useful either for individual study or for connect groups to work through.


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