The Resistance Girl by Jina Bacarr

She Walked Among Them

The Resistance Girl by Jina Bacarr is a marvellous dual timeline novel. Present day is linked to Paris from the 1920’s to Nazi occupation during World War II in the form of a dairy and recording.

Following her mother’s death, a daughter wants to know the truth of her heritage. Her mother’s beginnings have always been a closely guarded secret, now it is time to seek the truth about a grandmother she never knew. As she delves deeper, more questions are asked. Rumour points to collaboration, wanting to discover the truth, the granddaughter travels from modern day America to France in search of anyone who may have known her grandmother.

Occupied Paris was a dangerous place to be. Trust was in short supply as people collaborated with the Nazis to improve their lot. Others bravely helped the resistance to sabotage Nazi plans and to help Jewish people escape. It was a time where suspicion lurked. Dering do often went unnoticed except by a few trusted folks. Sometimes what you witnessed with your eyes was merely an illusion, the bravery of ordinary people was cloaked for fear of being reported. Bonds were made that would be unbreakable.

Jina Bacarr has produced a powerful novel showing the horrors and dangers of living under Nazi occupation. The leading ladies are both brave, realistic and admirable. The grandmother went above and beyond as she practiced sacrificial acts, putting her life on the line.

The Resistance Girl consumed my waking hours. I could not put it down. The bravery of ordinary folk who went to extraordinary lengths was immense. May we never forget the heroism of the men and women of the resistance. May we never forget the six million innocents.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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