A Dazzle Of Diamonds by Liz Johnson

A True Gem

A Dazzle Of Diamonds by Liz Johnson is a most charming contemporary Christian romance with a mystery thrown in too. It is the third book in the Georgia Coast Romance series but can be read as a stand-alone.

There is a family reputation to delve into following a hundred and fifty year old accusation. It seems like the sins of the fathers have travelled down the years as lives are tarnished due to their ancestor’s behaviour. Letters from 1864 and a diary will reveal the truth.

There is the theme of treasure. For some treasure is in wealth and status. For others they realise that true treasure is always to be found in people – people from all sorts of walks of life. “Kids with faces and names and hopes and dreams.” Making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged brings treasures beyond measure.

Hearts need to be opened to discover self-worth. Too often we believe the lie that says we are not ‘good enough’ instead of looking to God who says we are loved.

Life hurts. We are never meant to carry a baggage of hurts that weighs us down. We must choose “to let the hurt go.” Part of the healing is in the forgiving. “She’d forgiven him because… she’d been forgiven plenty too.” We were never meant to live in the prison of unforgiveness. We were meant to live free.

We make our plans for our lives but God’s plan is far greater. We would be wise to follow His path.

There is a beautiful friendship within the novel. The love, care and kindness are tangible. I adored the rapport between the characters.

I read A Dazzle Of Diamonds in just one sitting. It was a pure delight, a real gem of a novel.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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