The Last Charm by Ella Allbright

Of Rainbows And Stars

The Last Charm by Ella Allbright is the most beautiful contemporary story about friendship, love and family. It is a novel that will swell your heart with love whilst having you reaching for the tissues.

Within the novel are two young people whose fortunes we follow over fifteen years. Both are from fractured homes – one feels abandoned; the other needs love and kindness. The reader’s heart breaks for them both in different ways. They both recognise the needs of the other.

There are grown-ups who see the hurt and do their best to plug the gaps and bring love and care.

The reader celebrates the highs and mourns the lows as we witness the birth of a friendship, showing kindness, compassion and care. There are some huge hearts within the novel.

The chapters alternate between two points of view. One is written in the first person and one in the third. The love radiates from the pages, wrapping the reader in a ‘hug’. It was a totally enchanting read. I loved the characters who lodged in my heart. The book is over and I ‘feel’ lost. I wanted much more – but the love, the hope and the beauty remain.

Thank you Ella Allbright for a beautiful tale of love.

Keep looking for rainbows and look up to the stars.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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