The Secrets Of Sunshine by Phaedra Patrick

Love Letters

The Secrets Of Sunshine by Phaedra Patrick is the most delightful contemporary novel that will warm your heart and soul, making you feel good about life.

Phaedra Patrick always creates such wonderful storylines and characters. It’s just like sinking down into your favourite chair.

The novel is a celebration of love. There are those who have loved and lost, and life is painful at times but life is for living. “You try to function as normal, then you feel guilty when you have good times.” Survivor’s guilt weighs heavy but we should not feel guilty for living again.

We all have regrets. “Regret was a heavy burden.” We must learn from the mistakes of the past and move into the future.

There is the theme of kindness. Huge hearted characters give of themselves. Kindness always improves the world.

The characters are wonderfully drawn. I loved nine year old Poppy who breezed throughout the novel.

The Secrets Of Sunshine was the perfect book to brighten any day. As I read it during lockdown, it brought a ray of sunshine and hope into my life. I adore Phaedra Patrick’s novels. If you have not read any, you are missing out.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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