Taming Julia by Jodie Wolfe

A Precious Jewel

Taming Julia by Jodie Wolfe is a charming historical novel set in 1875.

Jodie Wolfe has created a marvellous set of characters. I loved the rough and ready leading lady who had a heart of gold but needed educating in the ways of the world. There were many highly amusing incidents.

Knowing God is vital. “Once you get acquainted with God… you’ll fall in love with Him and desire to serve Him.” God wants a relationship with each and every one of us. He will keep knocking on the door of our heart until we let Him in. Even when we do not know Him, He already knows us intimately.

Prayer unlocks the power of the Almighty. “Talking to God is the same as talking to you.” Prayer should be as natural as breathing. We must be sure to listen for His answers. “When’s the last time you were truly quiet and were able to hear God?” It is important to trust God’s guiding and not “expect[ed] God to answer the way he wanted.” We must not project answers onto God that were never His.

We all face battles. Sometimes all we need to do is to stand still and let God fight for us.

While we have breath, it is never too late to say ‘yes’ to Jesus. As Jamaican evangelist George Miller said “you can live without Jesus but for goodness sake do not die without Jesus.” Our eternal destiny depends on our choice.

Jodie Wolfe employs pathetic fallacy as a storm mirrors the turmoil in lives.

Taming Julia was a delightful read. The hand of God hovered over the whole novel. I loved it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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