Exercise Your Faith by David L Winters

Walking Closer With God

Exercise Your Faith by David L Winters is a powerful book that is full of godly advice and suggestions to help strengthen your walk with God. Whilst the book is aimed at men and has advice specifically for men, much of the content can be taken up by women too. After all, we all want to walk closer with God.

Throughout the book there are personal stories – different ones will resonate with different readers. David L Winters has a very personable style, making the book easy to read and relatable.

Within the book David L Winters looks at the lies men believes and debunks them, offering suggestions as to how we can live better lives and draw closer to God.

We need to be careful what we put into our lives. “Garbage in, garbage out.” If we feed on junk food, physically our bodies will suffer. Likewise if we do not feed ourselves on the Word of God and His truths, our souls will suffer. We need a healthy dose of common sense, make good choices and have our inner compass set towards God. “Wrong decisions start inside.” What our eyes crave, our hearts will follow, so let us crave God.

Topics including our stuff and work are covered. It is flawed thinking to believe more stuff will equate to greater happiness. Likewise, if we spend all our time in the office and do not have balanced lives, we will not be healthy. The emptiness we feel can only be filled by God. We receive meaningful lives not through work but through relationship with God.

Poor choices may have disastrous consequences. No one deliberately sets out to sin but if we are not wise, we can easily fall into it. We need to own our sins, confess them to God and then we can live in freedom. “God can turn our worst failures into amazing testimonies.”

We need God in our lives. He can be involved through living prayerful lives. “Prayer is using the right tool for the right job.” God desires to answer our prayers but He wants to give us what we need which is not the same as what we want. He sees the bigger picture.

Wow, wow, wow Exercise Your Faith is such a powerful read, jam packed with good godly advice to aid our walk with God. Buy a copy for the man in your life – and then you can read it too!

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


10 thoughts on “Exercise Your Faith by David L Winters

  1. We need to take care of the bodies God gave us. I know I have not taken care of my physical body. I am thankful He is with me and will guide me along the way. Physically and spiritually, we need Him. 🙂 Looks like a great book.

  2. Great review and this sounds like a great book, David. I’ve always said what we read, look at, listen to, and watch most definitely affects us because we are taking it into our souls. Congratulations. I will share this with my husband.

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