Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Regenerating Happiness

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is the most beautiful contemporary novel about love and life. It made me laugh out loud and it made me cry. It is a book that will stay with me forever.

Love when it strikes, strikes hard. It consumes. It goes down deep and it is beautiful. With love comes choices, choices as to how we act, feel and live. We have to decide whether to hang on tight or whether we love enough to let go. However we love we need to do it well.

The novel is about two lives that seem poles apart – privilege versus poverty, health versus ill health, existing versus truly living. In Me Before You the reader sees a character bud, blossom and bloom as they learn how to really live life. A closed existence becomes a much more open one. We have one life and we need to live it.

Trauma changes lives – sometimes mentally, sometimes physically. The trauma of the past becomes the prison of the future. We need others to walk beside us to help us deal with our traumas.

Me Before You was such a beautiful novel. I never wanted it to end and yet I read on because I wanted to see what happened. I have been left with the feeling of serenity, having witnessed a great love, a great love that was oh so beautiful.

Jojo Moyes is a new author to me. I am so pleased to see there are two more books in this series (and I have them both out of the library and sitting on my desk) and to see that she has written many more. I want to read everything that Jojo Moyes has written. She has just been added to my (ever growing) list of favourite authors.


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