I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Abbey Clancy

There’s No Place Like Home

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Abbey Clancy is a fun-filled contemporary novel that will delight the reader from the start.

The story concerns the world of show biz. It all looks very glamourous but underneath it is hard work and difficult being apart from loved ones. Temptations lie all around. Characters need to keep focused on what is really important and not live for the moment.

Long distance relationships are stretched to breaking point. Will they bounce back? Or is it the end of the road?

True love awaits a character. True love is found in surprizing places and beautiful to watch it bud and blossom.

There are themes of hurt and forgiveness as a character wakes up to realise what is worth fighting for.

We all want someone to love us. Sometimes love is like a fairy tale but often it is found at the end of the chord of friendship. We all want someone who has seen us at our very worst but loves us anyway.

Abbey Clancy has created a wonderful set of characters in glorious 3D who spring to life as the reader enters their world. Through her descriptions we immerse ourselves in the world of glitz, glamour and hard work.

No matter how old we get, we always need our family. We want their affirmation and their love. Abbey Clancy shows the need for firm foundations in our lives that will keep us grounded.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a really fun read in spite of some serious themes. I loved it. It is perfect for all year round and not just for Christmas.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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