The Christmas Eve Secret by Elyse Douglas

True Love Never Dies

The Christmas Eve Secret by Elyse Douglas is a most charming timeslip read and the third book in A Time Travel Novel series. I recommend reading books one and two first for maximum enjoyment.

The reader once again catches up with Eve and Patrick – and what happened next, I could not have predicted. Theirs is a love outside the confines of time. It is a love that will not die. It is a love that takes risks and it is a love that is prepared to sacrifice.

This is a thrilling read set in 1884. Through comprehensive descriptions the reader glimpses a bygone age. It is an age where chivalry is not dead but doesn’t always happen. Women are seen as second class citizens to be used by men.

Disease is rife. Life is precious. Without modern medicine, lives hang in the balance.

The Christmas Eve Secret is about taking a risk. It is a risk to reconnect and rediscover that which appears lost. I adored the book and am loving this charming series.


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  1. This book sounds like a very good read, and the cover is Beautiful, I love it! And it’s a Christmas book, even better! Thank you so much for sharing your book review.

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