Unspoken Words by Shari J Ryan

Es wird am Ende in Ordnung sein (It will be alright in the end)

Unspoken Words by Shari J Ryan is a contemporary and historical novel about a love that spans seventy four years. It is the other half of the story begun in Last Words. This is Charlie’s story. It is a story that will swell your heart as the love reaches beyond the pages of the book. It is a beautiful tale.

The action is in present day America and alternates backwards to 1935 Germany before moving forwards in time. This is a forbidden love. This is a love that defies the odds.

Germans were taught to hate but not all Germans could do so. “I was not meant to be a killer. I refused to hate, no matter what I was supposed to believe.” The outward uniform was in conflict with the inner nature. Shari J Ryan has managed to convey the struggle to remain true, to see people as people and not to hate.

Ayrian Germans were perceived to be living in freedom but the reality was obey or be killed. Everyone had choices to make. “I know you think we have a choice in what is happening in our country, but we do not.”

Unspoken Words was a very brave novel to write as the action is seen through the eyes of a Nazi soldier, albeit a reluctant one. Shari J Ryan has produced a likable character in Charlie as he tries to follow his conscience and not the German leader’s directives.

I have ‘enjoyed’ (if I can use this word in conjunction with the Holocaust) getting to know Charlie and Amelia in this three book series. All the books have been sensitively written and my heart has broken for man’s inhumanity to man.

May we never forget the six million innocents.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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