Hidden Wings by May Tomlin

No More Running

Hidden Wings by May Tomlin is a Christian contemporary novel about lives, love, family and God. It is an epic read that crosses continents and lives. The action moves from America to Norway, Africa and England. There is a real cosmopolitan feel to the novel.

We all have gifts. We need to have courage to use our gifts and not have lives squashed and moulded into something they are not.

Families come in various guises. We see a nurturing mother who contrasts sharply with other characters who insist on exerting their authority at all times. There is a huge heart that finds it hard to say ‘no.’

We all have voices competing for our attention. We must drown out the negative voices and listen to the life affirming voice of God.

The novel shows the emptiness of a life that chases money and fame. In contrast there is a full life to be found in knowing and following God.

There are motifs for God in the novel. He can be seen as the master gardener and the master potter both of whom work to produce objects or flowers of great beauty.

Hidden Wings was an epic read showing two characters searching to be all that God created them to be. I enjoyed it.


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