Do You Know Me ? by Julia Wilson

A Poem inspired by God

Do you know Me?

I have been calling your name

In the night

Longing to draw you close

Do you hear Me?

Do you know Me?

I have been walking before you

Guiding your footsteps

Along rocky paths and smooth roads

Do you see Me?

Do you know Me?

I wrapped my arms around you

I hugged you tight

I wiped away your tears

Do you feel Me?

Do you know Me?

Do you feel that emptiness in your life?

That nothing will satisfy

Not food

Not drink

Not activities

That hole that is shaped for Me

That only I can fill

Do you want Me?

Yes Lord

I want You

I need You

I love You

I want to know You

I want to

Hear You

See You

Feel You

Yes Lord I know You now.

Stay with me

Guide my footsteps and my life

Until that day when I will

Walk beside You for always

Dwelling in Your house forever and always.

Yes Lord I know You

And I love You.


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