Parliament Of Rooks by Karen Perkins

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Parliament Of Rooks by Karen Perkins is a fantastic dual timeline supernatural tale that will have the reader drawn in from the start.

The novel is set in present day and 1838 Haworth in West Yorkshire. Haworth is a place that is very dear to my heart as it is the home of the Bronte sisters. It is my ‘go to’ place when I visit our daughter in Yorkshire. The location is very familiar to me and I ‘lived’ through the action.

I am also drawn to the fictional character of Heathcliff and therefore recognised all the references to Wuthering Heights.

As a Bronte sisters, Haworth and Wuthering Heights fan this was the perfect novel for me. I ‘trod’ the streets of Haworth throughout the novel. Karen Perkins has perfectly captured the atmosphere both in present day and in 1838. She has juxtaposed the tourism with the muck, grime and stench of death. The darkness of the mill contrasts with the brightness of tourism.

The novel is split into several parts each one becomes even more engrossing as the reader immerses themselves in the story.

There is a supernatural element as tormented souls from the past seek rest.

Good friends feature in the story. They are friends who are prepared to go the extra mile.

Actual historical facts are woven into the tale.

I loved Karen Perkins style of writing and her connecting tales. This was my first book by her but it is definitely not my last.

If you are a Bronte fan, this book is for you. If you are not a Bronte fan, this book may ignite the flame to read the sisters books and to find out more about them. For me, my flame is well and truly lit – I want to delve deeper into the lives of the sisters. I cannot wait for my next trip to Haworth.

Thank you Karen Perkins for a superb read.


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