Love Lock by Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell

Strengthen Your Relationships

Love Lock: Creating Lasting Connections With The One You Love by Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell is a powerful book exploring how we can get the best out of our marriages and how they can last. The book is based around the Song Of Songs. Each chapter ends with a Love Lock where there are questions or Biblical readings to help us examine and build strength into our marriages.

Marriage is a partnership not a dictatorship. We have our differences but we need to ‘think team.’ We also need to include Jesus in our marriages. We need to manage our expectations and deal with problems as they arise. If we do not deal with the small things they may add up and become the big thing that destroys our marriage. “’Little foxes’ are actually the most dangerous because they eat the root.”

The authors suggest we are people who listen. We need to have EARs.

  • “Enter into their worlds
  • Attend to their meaning
  • Respond to their needs”

God’s medicine is vital to our marriages. His medicine is

  • “Prayer
  • Bible
  • Fellowship
  • Servanthood”

When we have a servant heart we will move from being self-centred to being others-centred.

Love Lock is a powerful read for all in relationships. The advice is relevant to friendships too. It is good advice whether our relationships are good or not so good. We can all learn things to help us improve our interactions with others. This book is a ‘must read.’

I love the description of marriage. “Marriage isn’t two people controlling each other; it’s two people controlled by a deep love and respect for each other. “ Wow. Powerful stuff.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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