Lessons In Love by Belinda Missen

A Voyage Of Discovery

Lessons In Love by Belinda Missen is the most charming and amusing contemporary tale about second chances and love. I absolutely adored it.

Belinda Missen has created a wonderful set of characters that are likable and realistic. They are not perfect but have character flaws that make them human and easy to empathise with. The characters bounce their dialogue off each other in most amusing verbal volleys.

There is an air of lightness and love over the whole novel. It is a love that encompasses, that cares and that is delightful to watch with its tentative steps.

Much of the novel is set inside a primary school. For me, it was reminiscent of my time at school as a child and also as an adult working in a school. The novel is about bringing out the best in people. We were created to be the best version of ourselves.

Life can be hard. Broken marriages leave broken people behind as confidences are knocked. People need to rediscover just who they are after years of having personalities squashed.

A wonderful community atmosphere pervades the novel. Small town living where people care is contrasted with the anonymity of the big city.

I adored Lessons In Love. It was a really fun read that warmed my heart and left me smiling.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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