And It Is So: The Power Of His Promise by Jaculin H Jones

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And It Is So: The Power Of His Promise by Jaculin H Jones is her story of surviving aortic dissection and breast cancer. It is also about her faith walk with God.

Jaculin H Jones relied on God. She had nowhere else to go. She stood on His word and believed His promises. “His word became my defence.” The evil one came to derail her and whispered words to sow the seed of doubt but Jaculin Jones stood firm with God. “Stand on the word of God and don’t let anything else in… drown out all the noise attempting to cloud my mind.”

Our foundations are important. “We had praying parents who taught us how to pray and the power of prayer.” If we build our life on God and His word, we will have resilience for the tough times. We will know that we can trust God and that He will see us through. “Our hope is in the Lord even if the bottom falls out.”

It is important to go to church and to stand with other believers. We need their prayers and they need ours. “It [church] felt like home.”

God sends people along our paths at just the right time. He knows our every need.

The book ends with an account of Jaculin Jones trip to the Holy land. It is accompanied by lots of photos.

And there is finally a section entitled “Promises Through The Journey” where there are passages of scripture.

This is a powerful book of faith. It is truly inspiring. Thank you Jaculin Jones for sharing your story.

I would like to end with a powerful quote that reminds me of Corrie ten Boom’s thoughts:

“There’s no place you cannot go that He’s not there and no state so low that He can’t lift you up.”

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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