The Time Of Our Lives by Portia MacIntosh

Choices And Decisions

The Time Of Our Lives by Portia MacIntosh is a feel-good contemporary novel that shows the bond between a group of friends.

The action alternates between a present day wedding and 2008. It shows the impact that choices in the past have on present day life. Different choices would have revealed very different results.

There is a wonderful eclectic mix of friends who met at uni, paired up and are now living adult lives. There is good natured teasing and bonds that the reader feels will last a lifetime. There are some highly amusing situations including a rescue from a pond. The reader can ‘feel’ a force of attraction that the characters are trying to deny. There is good natured banter.

Within the group of couples, the reader senses the awkwardness of being single. Singleness is not always welcomed. It can be a state of mind as we see some singles having fun.

This novel is about friendship. There are great lengths that some will go to, to protect their friends. Friendship is to be celebrated.

I love Portia MacIntosh’s books. The characters are quirky but realistic and likable. The Time Of Our Lives is a delightful fun read, just perfect for long summer evenings… or cold winter nights.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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