A Time To Change by Callie Langridge

One In, One Out

A Time To Change by Callie Langridge is a really powerful and heart wrenching novel about love and self-sacrifice. It is a time-slip novel with action alternating between 1913 and 2013. It is beautifully written and for a few hours I got lost in its pages as I ‘lived’ the novel. Now it is ended and I feel bereft – I have left my new ‘friends’ behind – because to me, these were not just characters in a book, they became my friends.

The novel is beautifully and sensitively written. The reader ‘feels’ the love, the desperation and the urgency of the main character whose heart is huge and full of love for others.

This is a story of self-sacrifice. It is a story of putting others first. It is also a story of great love – a love that will last down the years, a love that even death cannot extinguish.

Hill House is not just  bricks and mortar, within the novel Hill House becomes a character. It is a house that ‘feels’, a house that ‘knows’ just what is needed. It is a house like no other. It even elicits feelings from the reader as we ‘sense’ the love of the house for its occupants. This is a house that unites people down the ages.

I thought Callie Langridge had written a very cleverly constructed plotline. It was unique and sensitively executed as the love radiates from the story.

I absolutely adored A Time To Change. I really hope there is a producer out there who will read this book and see what a fabulous film it would make. I would love to see it translate onto our screens.

Thank you Callie Langridge for writing a most beautiful and fabulous novel.


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