The Gift Of Tears by Keith Nano

The Lighthouse In The Dark

The Gift Of Tears by Keith Nano is the true tale of a miraculous healing showing that the miracle working God of the Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Keith Nano provides the background to his faith journey. He raises his family to know God. This is their story of the day tragedy struck and how their faith in God and in people would be stretched and enlarged.

As their son Jacob was struck down and fighting for his life, following a bout of pneumonia, Keith Nano and his family saw the family of God in action. Practical help was provided as well as prayers and moral support. “They came to hug us and to pray with us. They came to cry with us.” The reader sees people helping people. Being on the receiving end of such generosity was hard as Keith Nano was more used to giving and not getting. He learnt to receive with grace all that was offered. “They just showed up.” Prayer teams mobilised. Charity events were organised. Practical goods and help were given. The innate goodness of people shone as Jacobs Army mobilised.

Social media was a platform to share updates and prayer requests.

Keith Nano had a strong faith but was still battered by fear at times. “I was full of hope and faith, and yet I was frightened.” Fear is an opportunity for faith to flourish as we look for the light in the dark.

Watching his son fight for his life gave Keith Nano a feeling of helplessness. “Sometimes providing encouragement is all a father can do.” Keith Nano prayed, he sang worship songs over his son and he read scripture to him. His faith was palpable and when God showed up Keith Nano received the peace that passes all understanding.

The Gift Of Tears is a remarkable story. It will encourage you as you marvel at the faith of a family taken to the edge. The book shows the mighty power of God as He works in lives today. Our God is not dead but alive and active. What He did in the past, He does in the present and He will do in the future.

The Gift Of Tears was a marvellous read. I loved the inclusion of the family photos. To put faces to names is always good.

Be inspired pick up The Gift Of Tears today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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