Nuggets Of Wisdom For Life’s Journey by Marvin E Johnson

Enhance Your Life

Nuggets Of Wisdom For Life’s Journey by Marvin E Johnson is a powerful Christian book that contains bite size chunks of daily wisdom.

The book is set out over seven parts with seven (six in part two) daily readings to study and digest. Marvin Johnson covers numerous topics from God’s love to prayer, love, Ten Commandments, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Christmas, choices and much more.

The readings should get you thinking about God and your relationship with Him and your life choices. On some there are questions for self-examination.

Marvin Johnson’s style is easily accessible for all. It feels like nuggets of wisdom from a dear friend rather than daily readings.

This is a very powerful book. It is ideal for personal devotions. I think it would work well in connect groups to study a nugget a week or to open the group with a reading. However you choose to read this book, I think your life will be enhanced by digesting its contents.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


2 thoughts on “Nuggets Of Wisdom For Life’s Journey by Marvin E Johnson

  1. Hello Julia. I praise God for His divine intervention in introducing you to my daughter Monica. Your review for my book, “Nuggets of Wisdom for Life’s Journey” is deeply appreciated. God has gifted you for your reading passion and applying it to review books that have touched your spirit. Thank you for sharing your review; God’s Word through my book. Be blessed, be safe, and be well. Your Prayer Warrior and Friend, Marvin

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