Navigate Your Faith: A Christian’s Field Guide To Not Getting Lost by Ron Pratt

The Modern Minefield

Navigate Your Faith: A Christian’s Field Guide To Not Getting Lost by Ron Pratt is a self- help book looking at the pitfalls of modern life.

With the dawn of the World Wide Web, there is much to ensnare people. All sorts can be accessed with the press of a button or the click of a mouse. We need to be discerning and have a moral code that lines up with Jesus. The world gives easy access to all sorts but just because it is available does not mean it is good for us. If there is an area where you have a weakness, the best thing to do is to avoid that. Have friends to whom you can be accountable, who love you enough to point out when you are falling into sin.

The voice of the enemy whispers ‘you deserve it’, ‘go on, one won’t hurt’. We need to detune his voice and plug into the voice of God, so that we will recognize His voice when He whispers to us.

Today’s world is very ‘me’ focused. “The spirit of entertainment promotes self-focus.” We are too often motivated by selfish desires and not the need to serve.

Church is competing against the world for attendance on Sundays. We need to set an example for our children and make church a priority. If we do not, we will be giving our children the message that church is not important and then when they hit those crucial teenage years, our young people will be lured away from God. We want our children to have a relationship with God and not just be caught up in religion. “Religion leaves you with fear of breaking the rules.” God is not a God of fear, God is a God of love. He desires a relationship with each one of us. “When serving God is only about rules, there is a lack of relationship.” We need to introduce our children to the living God who loves them.

This is a powerful book designed to help us to recognize the pitfalls of modern life and to give us ways to avoid them. There are anecdotes, stories and Biblical scriptures within its pages. This book is for everyone who desires a closer walk with God.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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