Plan B by Erin Stevenson

Mr Gopher And Miss Porcupine

Plan B by Erin Stevenson is the most delightful contemporary Christian romance. It is the first book in the St Clair Family series and I cannot wait for the next two books – good job I am reading a three in one omnibus!

Erin Stevenson has created really fun, warm and amusing characters who bounce their dialogue off each other. I adored the interactions between Mr Gopher and Miss Porcupine… “Who are they?” I hear you cry. I am afraid you must read the book to find out. I loved the matchmaker who wore pink converses and was as much in love with her husband now as fifty three years ago. This book proves that you do not need the internet to set up matches made in heaven, just an elderly lady with determination, kindness in her heart and the ability to spot the perfect pairing.

The setting is idyllic. With full descriptions, the reader can almost smell the exotic flowers and feel the warmth of the Caribbean.

Life may surprise us but it never surprises God. Who knows, our plan B might just be God’s plan A. We need to hang on and trust God’s perfect timing. “He knew God was here, and everything was going to be alright.”

I really loved Plan B. My heart is warmed and life feels good when we know that God is in control, no matter what our circumstances look like to us. God sees the bigger picture.

A fabulous read that has left me smiling. It’s on to book two now, Home To You… watch this space, review to follow.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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