The Family Secret by Terry Lynn Thomas

Entertaining Crime Solving

The Family Secret by Terry Lynn Thomas is a fabulous historical thriller set in 1940. It is a time of suspicion and mistrust, of spies and agents, of greed and power.

The backdrop to the action is Cumbria. The peaceful village location contrasts with the thrilling action.

When money and power dominate, people are corrupted. “Never underestimate the corruptive power of money.” Pound signs mean little else can be seen. People will do just about anything to achieve their monetary goal.

Teens on the brink of adulthood feature. It is a tense time as young girls try to break into the grown up world.

The females are the dominant characters in the book. On the whole they have the brains and strength of character to do the right thing. There are some very modern women trying to break out of their traditional roles.

Amateur sleuthing is the order of the day. The rumour mill means a small village hides no secrets – or does it?

The Family Secret was a fabulous and gripping novel that gave the reader a glimpse into a bygone age as well as entertaining them with crimes to be solved.

A fantastic read set against the backdrop of war.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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