You Will Surely Not Die by Beth Woods

Uniquely And Cleverly Done

You Will Surely Not Die by Beth Woods is a marvellous Christian contemporary novel which I really enjoyed. It had a totally unique storyline, imagining what life would be like if Adam and Eve had not died but merely been banished from Eden.

I found the tale very reminiscent of the television series Highway To Heaven with Michael Landon – characters have assignments and go where God sends them. God’s messengers interact with characters, helping in their lives.

There are godly lessons to be learnt. We need to tune into God, listen to His voice and obey. We can trust His plans for our lives.

We need to tell people about Jesus and then wait for God to convict them. “I don’t have the ability to save anyone. That is completely God’s doing.”

Life can be hard but we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Focus on Him and not the difficulties in our lives. “God… is always taking care of us, even when we don’t understand what … He’s doing.”

Life is a spiritual battle. “Satan tempts, God aids in resistance.” There is far more going on than what we can see, hear and touch.

You Will Surely Not Die is a perfect novel to read to supplement our biblical knowledge. There are biblical truths, references and nuggets to be grasped.

Although this novel is a work of fiction, it will set your imagination alight as God’s truths burn in your heart.

Unique, entertaining and honouring to God. Thank you Beth Woods.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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