When Valleys Bloom Again by Pat Jeanne Davis

Tending The Garden Well

When Valleys Bloom Again by Pat Jeanne Davis is a fabulous debut novel set during WWII. It is full of Godly wisdom and insight.

During a time of war, people need God more than ever. “Where are you, Lord, in all this?” We cannot always see Him but Jesus has promised to never leave us.

There are times in life when we feel abandoned, even by God. “God has forgotten me.” The presence of God has nothing to do with our feelings, He is beside us, whether we ‘feel’ Him or not.

The reader is treated to locations in England, France, North Africa and mainly America. We ‘see’ the war on the home front and on the battlefield. Both are hard, presenting different and unique challenges. They require characters with backbones.

Pat Jeanne Davis has created a wonderful selection of personalities. Some are very likable others elicit feelings of mistrust as they perform underhand dealings.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere pervades the novel. As homes are opened to family, so the reader feels included as the warmth reaches out from the pages of the novel to encompass us.

Leaving the familiar behind is hard. The reader has empathy for the character who wonders if “perhaps she’d left God back in England.” Where we go God goes, as we carry Him in our hearts.”

There is the motif of tending the garden. This reminds the reader that Jesus is the Master Gardner who cares for and nurtures us.

A major theme is that of true worth. Some see treasure is the form of wealth, status, power and possessions. Others realise that true treasure is to be found in people. True treasure is always in a ‘who’ and never a ‘what.’

War throws up the question of trust. As an air of mistrust rises, see if you can spot the enemy.

Pat Jeanne Davis promises to be a fabulous new author. I thoroughly enjoyed When Valleys Bloom Again. She captured my attention from the start, drawing me into a fantastic plotline with wonderful characters.

Remember the name – Pat Jeanne Davis – she deserves to be a best seller.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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  1. This book sounds awesome!! I love World War novels and would LOVE to read this! It would be awesome to have a signed copy!!

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