Tell The Truth by Amanda Brittany

Secrets Will Out

Tell The Truth by Amanda Brittany is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that will have your heart racing as you read towards its conclusion. Your suspicion level will rise as you try to predict the outcome before the ‘wow’ jaw-dropping moment.

Amanda Brittany is a new author to me but I am now a big fan and cannot wait for her next book. Her style is engaging, drawing me in from the start, as I began to question who was the killer?

The novel has two different time periods – the 1980’s and now – and three different voices including the killer’s, who opens the novel. The reader then spends the novel trying to decipher the voice. Once again I was completely barking up the wrong tree.

Twisting this way and that, Amanda Brittany holds the reader’s attention with her well thought out and intricate plotline. The two distinct voices, one in the third person in the past and one in the first person in the present, both invite confidences from the reader who questions the truth.

Themes of truth and lies, friendship and identity run throughout the novel. There are also the uncomfortable topics of abuse, cruelty and the distressing theme of Alzheimer’s.

The past has a habit of catching up with us especially if there are unresolved issues. Sorting out the truth from the lies is never easy.

Tell The Truth was a fabulous read and one that I could not put down – I went to bed late and got up early just to read on and finish the book. It was utterly brilliant. I could not predict the outcome. I am looking forward to reading more by Amanda Brittany.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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