A Very British Christmas by Rhodri Marsden

Poking Fun At Traditions

A Very British Christmas by Rhodri Marsden is a light hearted look at the traditions of a British Christmas.

The book is split into twelve chapters loosely following the twelve days of Christmas but looking at twelve different traditions. Each chapter has anecdotal stories included. Some are highly amusing, some are sad and some are just plain bizarre.

Reading the book, I certainly noticed things we do as a family or that happened in my childhood.  I definitely laughed out loud at times. I had a nostalgic look back with the mention of Morecambe And Wise… a staple part of Christmas in the 1970’s.

A Very British Christmas pokes fun at the traditions, showing how we Brits don’t take ourselves too seriously and can laugh at some of the things we do. It’s all very good natured. At times there is language some readers may not like.

A Very British Christmas is great to relive your past and chortle at some of our Christmas traditions and activities.


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