Popular In Heaven Famous In Hell by R.T. Kendall

Draw Closer To Jesus

Popular In Heaven Famous In Hell by R.T. Kendall is a powerful and very approachable book that examines how to live as a person of faith in today’s world. Backed up with scripture and anecdotes, R.T. Kendall really engages the reader.

R.T. Kendall explores the men of faith as listed in Hebrews 11. We want to live faithful lives, seeking to be popular in heaven. This is counter cultural as the world seeks to be popular on earth. We need to live lives focused on God. We want to live by His values and not the world’s.

Have we lived well? “No amount of money, power or prestige can alter the date we each have with death.” One day we will all face God. We want to hear “Well done good and faithful servant” and not “Be gone. I never knew you.”

A powerful story is told of a man in Australia who stopped strangers asking “Are you saved? If you died tonight, are you going to heaven?” Over his lifetime he saved 146,000 souls. Wow! How do we reach people for Jesus? One life at a time. Who will be in heaven because of your faithful witness?

We need to have a healthy awareness of Satan but remember that it is God who is all powerful. He has already defeated Satan and death. We need to stand firm on the Word of God. God already has the victory.

While we still have breath, there is kingdom work to be done. My favourite quote is on Ruth Graham’s (1920-2007) tombstone “End of construction – thank you for your patience.” What will be on yours?

Popular In Heaven Famous In Hell is such a powerful book. It will make you think. It will draw you closer to Jesus if you apply the many wise words.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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