The Linen God by Jim O’Shea

Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley

The Linen God by Jim O’Shea is a thrilling contemporary Christian suspense. It had me gripped from the start and I read it in just one sitting.

Reminiscent of the movie of Dan Brown’s Angels And Demons, the reader enters the shady world of the Vatican where forces of evil battle with the good. “The enemy mimics the things of God… to deceive and destroy.” Life is a spiritual battle. We do not always understand it but we combat evil with prayer and standing on the Word of God.

“The most powerful force in the universe is faith.” We need to stand on our faith at all times. “Faith will overcome your fear.” We need never fear, knowing that God has defeated the enemy.

Sometimes we do feel abandoned by God. “God, where are You?… but the heavens remained silent.” Silence is not absence. We need to lean closer to God and hear His whisper.

Life may seem out of control. “What has happened to you does not define you.” It is our response to situations that will show what we are made of – and Whose we are.

The Linen God has a complex, well thought out plotline, grounded in Biblical teachings. It shows how forces of evil can and do, manipulate the truth.

The story consumed me. I think it would make a marvellous blockbuster movie. I picture Antonio Banderas in the role of Manny.

A fabulous tale that does not seem beyond the realms of possibility.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




Title: The  Linen  God

Author:  Jim  O’Shea

Publisher: Ambassador  International

Release  Date:  March  31,  2018

Genre:  Inspirational  Suspense/Thriller


The  Shroud  of  Turin  is  the  most  studied  and  controversial  religious  relic  in  human  history.

The  ancient  linen  cloth  bears  the  image  of  a  man,  alleged  to  be  that  of  Jesus  of  Nazareth.  What  if  it  were  real?  What  if  it  contained  a  secret  powerful  enough  to  alter  the  course  of human  history?  And  what  if  it  fell  into  the  wrong  hands?  Manny  Lusum  is  convinced  the  Shroud  is  the  genuine  article  and  obsessed  with  proving  it  scientifically.  Grace  Barden  is  not  only  Manny’s  best  friend,  but  also  secretly  in  love  with  the  physics  student  and  soon-to

-be  Catholic  priest.  Across  the  globe,  three  grisly  murders  and  the  theft  of  a  secret  manuscript  thrust  Grace  and  Manny  into  a generations-old  conspiracy  of  biblical

proportions.  From  New  York  to  Rome  to  the  inner  sanctum  of  the  Vatican,  they  struggle  to

untangle  a  bizarre  mystery  surrounding  the  controversial  artifact.  In  a  dramatic  confrontation  between  faith  and  the  ultimate  evil  on  the  world  stage,  Grace  and  Manny  are  pushed  to  the  edge  of  an  abyss,  balanced  on  the  brink  between  heaven  and  hell.

This  suspenseful  and  captivating  thriller  is  perfect  for  fans  of  Dan  Brown,  John  Grisham,  Robert  Ludlum,  and  David  Baldacci.  Order  your  copy  today  and  experience

a  unique  blend  of  history,  science,  conscience,  religion  and  a  battle  of  good  versus  evil  that  will  keep  you  reading  into  the  early  morning  hours!

.  .  .  a  wonderfully  engaging,  page-turning  thriller.

Doug  Peterson,  Award  Winning  Author  of  The  Vanishing  Woman and  The  Puzzle  People

About the author

Jim  is  a  long-time  resident  of  Chesterfield,  Missouri…“The  City  of  Sculptures”.  He  is  a  graduate  of  the  University  of  Missouri  in  Columbia  and  now  spends  his  time  crafting  novels  of  suspense  that  tackle  the  complex  relationship  between  science  and  religion,  stories  designed  to  take  the  reader  places  he  or  she  may  not  have  previously  considered.

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