A Christmas To Remember by Rebecca Moesta

Dear Santa…

A Christmas To Remember by Rebecca Moesta is a perfectly delightful contemporary Christmas romance. A real treat to be read at any time of year. It is based on a Hallmark movie.

Christmas is a time for memories – old and new- but what happens if you have no memory? The novel shows a search to belong and to discover who we are. It is about finding ourselves and our loved ones.

The effect of the media on our lives is not always for the good. She “believed she needed to be perfect to be loved.” What a sad attitude. The media portrays perfection as they see it but it is not real. Life is about being a lovely person on the inside and that will then shine out. Real life is chaotic and messy. We need to be real in all that we do.

An air of love surrounds the novel. Even the reader feels included as hearts and homes are opened wide. “She’s lost. We have to help her find her way home.” Home is not necessarily a place but the people who love you.

The bustling New York City contrasts with the peaceful, snow covered countryside where neighbours are friends and the pace of life slower. Values are different too as people have time for what is really important.

I really felt myself sink into the novel with its warm’ inviting atmosphere. Christmases of my past danced before my eyes as Rebecca Moesta created Christmas in the novel. We need to remember the good times and hold on to our memories because “even in the darkness there are stars.”

A really wonderful feel good read that will leave you smiling.

I received this book for free from Net Galley. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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