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Well by Alias In Town is a memoir about struggles with addiction and chronic illness. It is an honest account about coping. There are exercises and questions designed to help those struggling to self examine. Too often we present a mask to the world when we are really screaming “See me!”

Addiction is a lifelong battle. It never goes away but there are coping strategies.

There are many “raw and broken people” in the world desperate for love. “Love is a language even a drug and alcohol soaked brain could understand.” We are reminded that we need to reach out to a hurting world in love.

Addicts often wrongly believe. “I’m not worthy of His [God’s] love.” No one is ever out of reach of the love of God. We need to remind ourselves of God’s promises to us in the Bible. If we make a list in the good times, we can reread the list when we are struggling.

We need to be kind to ourselves and extend grace to us.

The whole book is brutally honest. It is a quick but powerful read. The account is interspersed with beautiful artwork. I only had it in black and white on my kindle but I imagine that it is stunning in colour.

A great little book for if you are struggling. Or a great little book for someone you know who is struggling. This book is an aid for you to help them.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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