The Baptism Song by Dennis E and Bethany Buettner

Absolutely Beautiful

The Baptism Song by Dennis E and Bethany Buettner is a most beautiful book that will appeal to the young and old alike.

The books is designed to appeal to young children with simple yet beautiful big and bold illustrations by Mentol. Every page has a few lines on it. This is absolutely ideal for either the new reader or to be read to young children.

There is a simple but effective message told through rhyme and repetition. It is that parents promise to be there every day for their children. I loved the inclusion of “This I promise today” on most pages.

My favourite illustration is where Jesus is holding the baby but all the illustrations are beautiful.

As an added bonus… A young lady called Kayla has turned the book into a song on Youtube. She has a beautiful clear voice and gives power to the book’s message.

A wonderful book that every parent and grandparent should own.



Listen to The Baptism Song



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