The Story Of Our Lives by Helen Warner

Joys And Sorrows

The Story Of Our Lives by Helen Warner is a fabulous contemporary novel about friendship and life. The action spans from 1997 following a group of friends as they meet annually. There are flashbacks to fill in the action as the timeline moves forwards.

Written in a chatty, engaging style, the reader absorbs the action, being a very willing participant in the book.

Life throws all sorts at us. Our hopes and dreams in our twenties may be vastly different in our forties. Throughout all that life delivers, good friendships can see us through.

The book demolishes some traditional held beliefs. Prince Charming is not always as charming as we think. Glittering palaces can still be prisons. And Casanova’s are not always bad. Evil wears a normal, everyday face. It is a realistic portrayal of life showing that sometimes life is a fairytale. At other times it is a nightmare, a quagmire to wade through.

The characters are uniquely and wonderfully drawn from all walks of life. With different personalities, you are sure to choose a favourite. Who resonates with you?

There are some difficult to read scenes of domestic abuse. Realistically portrayed, the reader witnesses the slow squashing of a big personality. The message is clear – abuse is never your fault. Get out and get help. Do not suffer alone.

Motherhood is a major theme. As mothers our attention moves from ‘me’ focused to children focused. We love our children. They are unique and always a gift no matter how they were conceived. We do our best to love them and keep them safe. When they hurt, we hurt.

The Story Of Our Lives celebrates friendship and motherhood. It is a friendship that loves and lasts, that supports and carries through all of life’s joys and sorrows.

A wonderful book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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