The Key Of All Unknown by K.A. Hitchins

Unbelievably Beautiful

The Key Of All Unknown by K.A. Hitchins is a beautiful contemporary novel that I read in just one sitting. I was unable to put it down.

Trapped in her body, Tilda hears everything that is going on. Bit by bit as her memories play out she longs for her body to respond. The words “If you look at me again, you’ll see I’m here” just break the reader’s heart. How many of us are locked inside our bodies, just longing for the world to see the real us?

The book is written in the first person so the reader ‘experiences’ all that Tilda does. We ‘feel’ her frustrations and her pain as she is manhandled by those supposed to care. “I’m a medical condition to be analysed, not a person to be comforted.”

Conflicting opinions reign as Tilda fights for her life. Whose side are you on?

The reader senses the raw emotion of her father. “My love isn’t enough. It can’t reach her.” Sometimes our love is not enough to nurse our loved ones back to health. The hopelessness and helplessness are painful to witness.

There are crimes to be solved. The reader tries to piece together what has happened.

Even in the darkness, there can be hope for new life if we just hold on and do not give up.

The Key Of All Unknown was beautiful. I hung on to every word that K.A. Hitchins wrote. There were moments when my jaw literally dropped and radiance and love filled my soul.

Why don’t you read The Key Of All Unknown and experience the peace that passes all understanding, as you read this work of great beauty.

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