A Perfect Fit by Karen Jurgens

An Invitation To All

A Perfect Fit by Karen Jurgens is a YA Christian romance but is a great read for any age. It is full of godly advice for dating teens and warns of the dangers of promiscuity.

A Perfect Fit has the theme of young love. It can be confusing but we need to keep our eyes and mind focused on God to stop us falling. “Her conscience pricked like barbed wire.”

We are all sinners in need of a Saviour. “He had acted like a Christian.” Christians are just as susceptible as non Christians to falling into sin, if they follow their fleshly desires rather than the teachings of Jesus.

The Bible warns about the dangers of being unequally yoked. We do however need to spread the Good News to all and we need to live out our faith. “For some… Carlie was the only Bible they would ever read.” Christianity is not about a set of rules. It is about a relationship with God and other people.

Friends are important to us all. The friendships of the young seem complicated affairs. We need to offer sound judgment and not be influenced to go off the rails.

The novel explores the theme of choice. In a world full of choices, it is important to choose wisely. “Lord I choose You.”

Our mission field is right where we have been placed. The novel discusses grace. “I’m not good enough to step foot in a church.” If we all waited until we were ‘good enough’, no one would ever step foot inside a church. Jesus offers an invitation to all to ‘Come and I will change you’, not ‘Change and then come.’

A Perfect Fit was a great little read, full of godly themes and advice. I would recommend it to anyone from YA upwards. I really enjoyed it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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  1. Excellent review!! I’m really looking forward to reading Karen’s books after meeting her in person! Thank you for featuring Karen!

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