The Wager by Laura Lamy

The Greatest Gift

The Wager by Laura Lamy is a marvellous Christian Regency romantic adventure which has all the elements to entertain, as well as sound Biblical principles.

The Wager being set in England, has a very ‘English’ feel to it, in spite of the author being American. The very ‘Englishness’ of it has been perfectly captured. Unashamedly written in the style reminiscent of Georgette Heyer, The Wager is a jolly good old fashioned adventure with romance thrown in.

Principles of etiquette of the day abound. These are coupled with forward thinking and spirited characters. Several females are very ‘modern misses’ for their time.

The reader is highly entertained by highway men and derring-do. Whilst simultaneously being informed about Godly ideals. God longs for us to come alongside Him. He sends people alongside us to point us to Him but it is the Holy Spirit who will convict us.

The novel shows that our mission field is right where we have been placed. A lost world is crying out for Jesus.

People need correct priorities. “Men and sex were mere tools for gaining power.” The pursuit of power, trampling people in the way, is sure to lead to a downwards spiral in the fortune of characters.

Truth is important. “Truth was a little piece of clay to be shaped and molded to… her needs.” Truth must not be tampered with or twisted. Truth is truth and we must speak it.

There are themes of guilt, anger and forgiveness. We must choose to forgive or risk being consumed from the inside out. “He would not succumb to… letting anger eat him alive from within.”

God is in the business of restoring lives. When we come to Him, we are new creations. “His old self dying to sin.” These new creations need to press into God and learn to live out thankful lives.

Families can make or break us. There are black sheep in the family but no one has ever strayed too far from the loving hand of God.

The Wager is a good old fashioned fun read. There are some high jinx to entertain, loyalty, love and the faithfulness of God.

A marvellous read that will transport the reader to a bygone era.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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