The Sound Of Rain by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Shining A Light

The Sound Of Rain by Sarah Loudin Thomas is a marvellous Christian historical romance which I devoured.

It was a cracking story set in 1954 which wove certain facts into fiction. With a comprehensive cast of characters, the reader will find that they weave their way into your heart.

The novel’s main themes are about knowing God and having the correct priorities. “There’s making money and then there’s making a living.” There is nothing wrong with having money and possessions but when they are your sole focus, something is wrong. People should come first. Relationships should be a priority as it is too late once people are gone.

There are characters who have hearts for people, who put people first and cannot be swayed by bribery.

A relationship with God is important. We need to listen to Him and follow His plans. If we do not know what they are, we must ask Him.

God always answers prayer. We must pray at all times. Sometimes life is tough and only God can get us through.

There is the theme of grief. Grief hurts. Grief consumes. Grief can take over. The only comfort we can have is that if our loved one knew Jesus, they will reside with Him and we will see them again one day.

We all have dreams. The novel shows the importance of following our God given dreams.

Family is important. Fractured families hurt. We need to work on restoring relationships.

We are called to shine our light wherever we go. Light is needed to shine in this dark world. This is powerfully illustrated in the novel as part of it is set in a mine. We need to follow the light. Some people are the light. Their personality is sunny and they spread joy, peace and light wherever they go.

The Sound Of Rain was a wonderful read from a talented author. I loved it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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