Out Of The Shadows by Emma Carrie

A Hungry Teen And A Single Woman

Out Of The Shadows by Emma Carrie is a YA contemporary Christian suspense with elements of sci fi to it. It is the first book in the Tacket Secret and I really enjoyed it.

Out Of The Shadows sets the scene for subsequent books. I found myself asking questions throughout. Emma Carrie teased me by answering some of them and left me feeling intrigued and excited for future books, at the close of the novel.

The story seemed to be a two in one for me, as I eagerly followed the two main protagonists, wondering how their stories were going to interact. I was not disappointed.

There is the theme of searching to belong. It is a deep longing inside that we may not even be aware of. Knowing God is important but so is doing life in connection with others. We all long to be loved.

Searching for an identity is another theme. Searching for a past identity and obtaining a new identity, all helps to keep the reader spellbound.

Trust is a major theme. God can be trusted. In contrast, it is hard to trust people.

Friendship is another theme. We all need friends. A friendship based on mutual trust and understanding begins to bloom within the novel.

Out Of The Shadows was definitely an intriguing read that held my interest from the start. I was slightly confused to begin with as my questions needed answers but as the story progressed so everything began to fall into place. As the novel raced to its conclusion, so my heart rate rose and my palms became sweaty… I could just tell, this is the start of a fabulous series whatever your age.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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