Little Bunny’s Own Storybook by Margaret Welwood. Illustrated by Nataly Vits


Little Bunny’s Own Storybook by Margaret Welwood and illustrated by Nataly Vits is designed for children aged three to eight. It is absolutely delightful with a simple story that both captures and awakens a child’s imagination. The pictures will appeal to all children great and small… as Little Bunny and his family are just wonderfully drawn. He is similar to Peter Rabbit with his blue coat, but cuter. Some of the characters are reminiscent of Disney’s but sweeter and more appealing.

The book is great on two levels… It can be read aloud with the child following or it is perfect for the early reader to read themselves. The beautiful pictures and the simple rhymes mean the book flows effortlessly.

There is much for the reader to discuss with their child. There are ‘big’ words at times to explain the meaning to, such as ‘antidote’ which broadens the child’s mind. With so much detail in the pictures, there is also much to discuss with your child.

The book is beautifully written and the reader can ‘feel’ both Little Bunny’s excitement and then later his sadness.

Little Bunny engages with the reader as he asks questions to be answered. The possibilities for stories to be written awakens your child’s creative side.

I absolutely loved Little Bunny’s Storybook. It is fabulous on so many levels… delightful to read and discuss as well as creating opportunities for children’s creative sides to emerge. I think every bookshelf should have a copy of this delightful book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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