Secrets Among The Cedars by Sherri Wilson Johnson

Family Ties

Secrets Among The Cedars by Sherri Wilson Johnson was a thrilling contemporary Christian suspense. The warm atmosphere and the beauty in nature contrasted with the lurking menace that had the reader’s heart racing and pulse rising.

The novel was so much more than just a good story. It had the presence of God throughout. We all have a God shaped hole that if we try to fill with anything else, will leave us empty and searching. “If career and love weren’t where her treasure needed to be, then where?” Our treasure is never to be found in a thing but in a person – and His name is Jesus.

There was the facts verses faith debate. “Facts have always been easier for me to believe in than things I can’t see.” Facts can only go so far. Faith can bring security. “I can’t imagine living a day without the security of my faith.” When life makes no sense, we can cling to the One who gives us a peace even in the midst of hard times.

The theme of faith ties in with the theme of trust. We all trust in things all the time. Trusting in God means we never have to do life alone.

There is the theme of dreams. We all have dreams. If we take on someone else’s dreams, we will never be satisfied. We must be the person God created us to be.

God can be seen in nature. “He [God] must care about the world to create such splendour.” God is in both the big and the small. His hand is on the sunset and the rain.

Family is important. Sometimes family ties need to be broken because the focus is all wrong.

Secrets Among The Cedars was a blend of the carefree and of threatening menace as ice creams were juxtaposed with gun shots. It was a thrilling roller coaster of a read. A perfect escape from a rainy afternoon in England.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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