Plain Fame by Sarah Price

When Worlds Collide

Plain Fame by Sarah Price is a contemporary Amish romance which I really enjoyed. It kicks off a new series which promises to be a fantastic read.

Plain Fame explores what happens when the Amish and Englisch worlds collide. The contrasts are huge. The simple life is attractive but so are the modern gadgets. Which world will exert the greatest pull?

The novel reveals the true price of fame. Fame brings recognition, money and manipulation. It does not bring happiness nor alleviate loneliness. Fame isolates. “He was tired of false friends and faceless lovers.” Everyone wants a piece of the famous. It is tiring and debilitating always presenting the face the world wants to see, never being able to be truly yourself. “He was living a lie and it was exhausting him.”

The novel shows this search for identity. This search to belong. Being famous means never escaping the public eye. “Gone were the days of living life and enjoying the moment.” Living out of a suitcase and jumping to the tune of a manager will never satisfy. Only being true to yourself and being the person God created you to be will bring satisfaction and happiness.

True freedom is shown in the novel… it is being content with what you have and trusting that God will provide.

God comes alive in nature. There are some wonderful descriptions in the novel, making the landscape come alive for the reader.

The characters are all wonderfully drawn. Their openness, their honesty and their pure hearts are all attractive to the reader.

I really enjoyed Plain Fame. It was a wonderful warm read and I cannot wait to read the subsequent books.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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